It’s called Superstar for a reason – it’s the best way to describe you and your efforts! You’ll be one of 35 legends that pledge to raise $1,000. Together we’ll let young people going through a tough time know they’re not alone. We’ll make sure you’re supported in the lead up to, during and post-race!

Without support, mental ill-heath can change a young person’s life. But so can we. Be one of 35 amazing individuals who, with every kilometre you run and every $2 you raise, ensure that when a young person needs help, ReachOut is there. You’ll be fully supported and we’ll make running/walking 14kms fun!

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We are constantly inspired by the stories that our runners share about why they're fundraising for ReachOut. If given permission, we would love to use your story or image in promotional material to highlight the importance of fundraising and recruit other runners.